History Of Green Country Kindergarten

Green Country Kindergarten nestled in over 2.5 acres of greens was founded in 2001 by the Sri T.P.Ravishankar with an initiative to take care of the all round development and enhance the intellectual, creative, cognitive, motor and socio-emotional development of children from the age group of 2 years – 5 years in the play school.

The desire to make a meaningful contribution to society is a goal which can drive you to accomplish something great, and that is the case with Sri T.P.Ravishankar. Green Country Kindergarten is an outgrowth of his love for children and his commitment to set up an exemplary institution which not only imparts excellent education, but which also works tirelessly in developing universal, human values in its students.

The school is founded on the strong belief that an integrated thematic and experiential approach is the most effective and powerful way to educate children.

A lot of emphasis is placed on Outdoor and Adventure education which provides structure for many parts of the curriculum & integrates practical life with the learning in School.

Mr. T. P. Ravishankar
Chairman / Management Trustee

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