Green Country Kindergarten offers child enabled environment—where the outdoor activities blend beautifully into the activity area, providing the curious minds an exciting expanse to explore and learn.

Indoor Activities :

The nursery years play a significant role in the development of skills values and attitude .A number of indoor activities such as Reading, Painting, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, Finger Painting, Clay Modelling and collage work provide an opportunity for children in exploring their creativeness. The use of modern audio-visual aids such as T.V, DVD & Projectors build up interest among children and make learning easy.

Outdoor Activities :

The energy levels of nursery children are very high. Typically, these children are extremely active and playful. Green Country Kindergarten offers a large playground for outdoor play with swings, slides, merry-go-round, Splash pool, Sandpit and many other types of equipments. Through the appropriate use of these equipments, children develop their co-ordination skills that are required while playing organized games.

Annual Functions :

Outings and special school functions are held throughout the school year like Nursery Day, Sports Day, picnics and field trips that bring together the school community. Special Days like World Environment Day and Independence Day are also celebrated with great fervor. We encourage parents' participation in different activities through-out the year.

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