Day care

GCKG provides full day care program for children above 1 year 6 months. We strive to ensure that we gave a safe, healthy and nurturing space for children to learn and grow. The programme is planned to nurture each kid mentally and physically by providing a warm and caring enviorment.

Free play helps kids to develop sense of self and social awareness, sensory play to explore and experiment with the world around them.

Features of Day Care Centre :

  • Flexible Timings
  • Opens 5 Days / Week, 12 Months / Year
  • Disciplined and Qualified Staff
  • Child / Caretaker ratio is 10:1
  • Planned Activities on Monthly and Weekly basis
  • Food at Toddlers Junction

Other Activities at the Centre :

Afternoon Care Facility :

Afternoon Care Facility for Children (Age group 2 years to 9 Years) is created to provide an enviornment where school-age children can spend time with friends and get engaged in lots of extracurricular activities.

Activities & facilities :

Dance, Music, Martial Arts, Chess and Art & Craft & Academic Assistance.

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