We at Green Country Kindergarten follow a child-focused curriculum which revolves around a curriculum generated from observation of children’s individual strengths and abilities, with an emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills.

Programmes :

Prep I : Above 3 Year 10 Months

Children at 4 expand their explorations from the school to the neighbourhood and beyond.They are imaginative and eager to put into practice all that they have assimilated in their previous year. Children are introduced to numeracy and literacy at this level. Writing, creative expression and elaboration now become the focus in Language. They familiarise themselves with complex shapes, patterns, shades in colours. They also learn about time and weather. As it is easy to integrate a theme into every area of learning, thematic learning is the approach taken for this stage of development.

Prep II :Above 4 Year 10 Months

K2 | Above 4 Year 10 Months
Children at this age have an urge to excel at what they do.Our aim is to prepare the children for formal education and developing self independence and self esteem of child.Our curriculum prepares the children to meet all the learning objectives required for this stage. We provide a dynamic curriculum which harnesses and hones the skills that the child has acquired over the last 3 years in getting them ready for formal schooling.

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